REO Services

At REO Integration we stringently manage the REO disposition process of your default properties from foreclosure sale through liquidation, or at any point during the process as the need arise. The timely disposition and maximum return are our utmost goal to our client. Over the years of experience of handling distress properties, we have acknowledged the unique characteristics in every property, through initial occupancy, relocation negotiation marketing, contract negotiation, to final sale disposition.

        REO Integration services include but is not limited to the following:

           · Occupancy inspections

           · Relocation assistance negotiation

           · Utility searches

           · Property valuations (Broker Price Opinion)

           · Ongoing property inspection- weekly /bi-weekly or monthly     as required.  

           · Sale and Marketing  

           · Monthly Marketing Reporting 

           · Closing

REO Integration also monitor and work closely with network of independent vendors that are license and insure to complete these additional task as they are required during the process: 

· Prompt securing /Rekey

· Debris removal /Trash out

· Code adherence

· Violation search and updates

· Property preservation

· Property repairs/maintenance